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Its status as the capital of the United States, vast quantity of famed landmarks and attractions, and importance within the business and political worlds all make Washington DC one of the most visited cities in the entire USA. Unsurprisingly, DC is well connected to the rest of the United States and the world at large, which allows visitors a number of travel options. The former of these features a host of historic and picturesque buildings on its campus site, which is open to the general public. Whichever DC hotel visitors are staying, all of this can be found fairly easily and without fuss. Bordering the Mall are a number of Smithsonian Institute operated museums, including the National Museum of American History and the very popular National Air and Space Museum.

It was at Fords Theatre that President Abraham Lincoln, while watching a performance of Our American Cousin, was assassinated in Those traveling from further afield, or with a limited amount of time, can enter DC by air thanks to three major airports serving the region, including a pair of international airports (Washington Dulles and BWI Marshall). The National Museum of Natural History is continue reading home to some amazing artifacts and exhibits, with the awe-inspiring Hope Diamond being a favorite. These include the likes of the Capitol Building and the White House, two of the most famous sites in the city. While it may be seeped in history, Washington also has more than its fair share of modern amenities. Other popular attractions in the Mall include the Reflecting Pool and the iconic Washington Monument.

The latter houses ,graves dedicated to military personnel including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and while sombre in tone is still an impressive place to visit. All of these hotels, which can be spread out across the city, are well-connected with the famed sites of Washington via the metro system, public buses, and taxis. The US capital attracts in excess of million tourists each year, each looking to explore the citys many important sites. Amongst the citys other tourist attractions, the Library of Congress and National Zoological Park both prove popular, as does Fords Theatre. Millions of tourists flock to the National Mall to take in its war memorials, historic landmarks, and other attractions.

Road and rail are options for those on the Eastern Seaboard as well as those based in the Midwest and West, that have the time to spend traveling. Alongside the Lincoln Memorial, visitors can expect to find war memorials dedicated to troops lost in Korea, Vietnam, and both World Wars.